6 Hotels in Rome That Guarantee an Unconventional Stay

Like Airbnb, but for your soul.

…in a nod to the city’s religious heritage, current (and former) convents and monasteries offer more than just a place to rest your head. So long, Airbnb…

Looking for a unique place to lay your head in Rome?

Hotels in Rome can all seem the same, but a stay in a monastery or convent guest house offers a true traveling experience – a unique point of difference to the mainstream ‘cookie-cutter’ hotels in Rome.

Monastery or convent guest house are found in some of the most sought-after locations, and the properties themselves often also house a rich history and in many cases, artwork not seen outside of the major galleries and basilicas of Italy—all in the place you are staying each night.

Monastery Stays create a true travel memory, an expereince that offers so much more than hotels in Rome!

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