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5 top day trip destinations in Italy – Part 2

More day trip recommendations for your trip to Italy!

Italy is a country full of possibilities. With so much to see and do, sometimes it’s a good idea to base yourself in a major city and explore nearby towns for the day. That way, you get the most out of your time!

Day trips, Monastery Stays

More day trips to consider

We’ve already written about some top day trip destinations (read Part 1 of the series here). But with so many towns to visit, we thought we should tell you about some more locations you can access from a larger town.

Be inspired by…

  1. Bracciano – sitting near the edge of its eponymous lake, Bracciano is a well kept secret for international tourists and accessible from Rome. Castle Odescalchi is a 15th century masterpiece and a must see. Or stroll along the waters edge and visit one of the many restaurants or cafes. Click for day trip options for Bracciano!
  2. Arezzo – with a picturesque main square and an intriguing history, Arezzo is a short trip from Florence and an ideal day trip location. If the weather suits, stroll around the gardens surrounding the Medici Fortress! Click for day trip options for Arezzo!
  3. Pistoia – another city easy reached from Florence, Pistoia is a beautiful town that is well worth a look. Peruse the twice-weekly markets in Piazza del Duomo for local produce and wares. You can also explore the array of museums, churches and castles to see a glimpse into the history of Pistoia. Click for day trip options for Pistoia!
  4. Treviso – a short journey from Venice will find you in Treviso (above). In true Veneto style, you will find canals that wind through the town and under buildings. A quiet town away from the throngs of tourists in Venice, with plenty to see! Click for day trip options for Treviso!
  5. Salerno – jump on a train in Naples or Sorrento and you can be in Salerno (below) for your morning coffee. Wander along the tree lined boulevard on the waters edge and take in the glistening Mediterranean. Find some peaceful gardens for relaxation, spot medieval ruins or find a great restaurant for some local cuisine. Click for day trip options for Salerno!
Day trips, Monastery Stays

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