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5 top day trip destinations in Italy

Get out of the major cities with a day trip!

If you are fortunate enough to be visiting Italy over the coming months, you might be looking for some inspiration. For those who are unable to travel abroad right now, allow yourself to dream about your future getaway!

Day trips, Monastery Stays

Small towns at your fingertips!

A day trip is a great way to break up your time in a city. It can be so rewarding to get away from the hustle and bustle of Rome to a small town with a slower pace. Simply jump on a train and head to a new experience for the day.

We’ve put together five amazing day trip opportunities when you’re in Italy. All of these towns are accessible from major cities by train in an hour or so. Ideal to spend the day before returning to your guest houses in the evening.

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  1. Tivoli – located just outside of Rome, Tivoli is home to Villa d’Este and Villa Adriana. Both UNESCO World Heritage listed, these magnificent villas were summer retreats for Roman emperors. Click for day trip options for Tivoli!
  2. Lucca – a stunning walled town, Lucca is less than two hours from Florence by train. Wander the cobblestone streets and visit a number of unique churches. Climb to the top of Guinigi Tower – unique for the oak trees which sit atop – for a spectacular view (above) of the town! Click for day trip options for Lucca!
  3. Padua – less than one hour from Venice, Padua has so much to offer. Cathedrals, palaces and museums can easily fill up a day. The Basilica of Saint Anthony is a true highlight – a towering structure reminiscent of Saint Mark’s in Venice. Click for day trip options for Padua!
  4. Como – a short trip from Milan can see you in the heart of Italy’s stunning lake district. On the edge of its namesake lake, Como is a beautiful town with notable influence from previous Austrian rule. People watch at one of the many cafes near the lake, soaking up the warm Italian sun. Click for day trip options for Como!
  5. Caserta – a short ride from Naples will see you arrive at Caserta, where a truly wonderful site awaits. Reggia di Caserta (below) is the largest royal residence in the world, spanning a massive 47,000 square metres! Spend the day touring this Baroque masterpiece – prepare to be amazed. Click for day trip options for Caserta!
Day trips, Monastery Stays

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