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The Monastery Stays Blog

Here you will find a collection of posts about all things Monastery Stays. We have years of knowledge around staying in monastery accommodation across Italy, Austria and Slovenia and look forward to sharing our insights and experiences with you.

Whether you are looking for guest house recommendations, tips on what to do in a city or to find ideas for your next getaway, the Monastery Stays Blog has you covered.

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5 top day trip destinations in Italy – Part 2

Treviso, Monastery Stays

Italy is a country full of possibilities. With so much to see and do, sometimes it’s a good idea to base yourself in a major city and explore nearby towns for the day. That way, you get the most out of your time!

5 top day trip destinations in Italy

Lucca, Monastery Stays

A day trip is a great way to break up your time in a city. It can be so rewarding to get away from the hustle and bustle of Rome to a small town with a slower pace. Simply jump on a train and head to a new experience for the day.

The path less travelled

San Gimignano, Monastery Stays

As countries begin to open their borders across Europe, travellers have the opportunity to experience Italy again. While you might be eager to experience all the sights of Rome, Florence or Venice, why not consider a stay in one the many ‘out of the way’ locations Italy has to offer?

Big cities, smaller crowds

Florence skyline

There’s no hiding from it – tourist numbers to Italy are undoubtedly down in 2020, for obvious reasons. But as the country recovers from a turbulent few months, attractions are open and the country is showing signs of life.

Keeping safe on your next trip abroad

St. Peter's Basilica

Undoubtedly, the world is a different place to what it was last year. But as countries slowly come out of lockdown and something close to ‘normal’ life resumes, international travel is once again a possibility.