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Rome from home – The Colosseum


One of the most recognisable structures in the world, the Colosseum has stood in Rome for nearly two thousand years. Over time, gladiators have been replaced with tourists, making it one of the most popular destinations in Rome.

Assisi from home – Basilica of St Francis

St. Francis Basilica

Take a look inside the world famous Basilica of St Francis! For the millions of people who flock to Assisi every year, a visit to the Basilica of St Francis is the number one attraction. Tourists and pilgrims alike stand in awe at the incredible artwork and solemn atmosphere of this holy site. While you… Read more »

Venice from home – Doge’s Palace

Doge's Palace

Roam the magnificent Doge’s Palace without leaving your home! One of the highlights of Venice, the Doge’s Palace is steeped in history, full of breathtaking art and architecture. Now through Google Arts and Culture, you can take a virtual tour of this historic attraction! Starting in the Chamber of the Great Council (the ‘Sala del… Read more »

Florence from home – The Duomo

Florence Duomo

View the breathtaking dome of Florence’s famous duomo without leaving your seat! UPDATE: As Italy slowly begins to reopen, public access into the duomo has resumed. As such, the virtual tour is no longer available online. Instead, enjoy a virtual tour of the whole city of Florence with Google Arts and Culture! Click our updated… Read more »

Rome from home – Vatican Museums

Sistine Chapel

Experience the wonder of the Vatican Museums from the comfort of your own home! Want to experience the wonder of the Sistine Chapel from your lounge room? Take a virtual tour of the Vatican Museums! The official website of the Vatican Museums allows you to explore different rooms, wings and chapels of this world famous… Read more »