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An Old Story told New – Monastery Stays

Monastery Stays is an online accommodation booking service for monastery, convent and diocesan guest houses across Italy, Austria and Slovenia. Launched in 2006 by a group of friends along with a talented and service focused team. Monastery Stays team members have all had the experience of visiting or living across Europe and have enjoyed staying in monastery guest houses.

Monastery and convent accommodation is open for all to enjoy. Visiting a monastery may begin as a stopover, but one cannot ignore the presence of peace in these places and its associated ‘wellness’. It is a place for restoration of the body with a good night sleep. A truly unique experience that you will not find in Europe’s best resorts, spas or wellness centres!

The team at Monastery Stays solved the problems they personally encountered in dealing with monastery and convent accommodation – where are they … what is the quality of accommodation … is there availability when I want to travel … will I have an en-suite or a private bathroom … is it possible to travel with a family … what are the up to date prices … what are the facilities … what is the curfew … is there a lift for disabled access … is there parking on site … how do I book a room … they only speak their language and I do not … how do I know that I will have a reservation on arrival … how will I receive a confirmation … how do I find the monastery once booked … how do I get from the airport in Rome to the monastery …etc?

So was born Monastery Stays to centralise into one place answering all these questions and take the difficulties out of making a reservation at monastery and convent accommodation.

The leadership team involved with Monastery Stays – John Clayton, a practicing marketing consultant, Angela Hoban, lawyer and her husband David Hoban, hospitality industry consultant and Mark Logan, who until 2006 spent many years in the City of London’s financial and technology sector. All have been friends and work colleagues in their professional lives for 10 to 20 years.

We look forward to welcoming you to a Monastery Stay.

Angela Hoban John Clayton David Hoban
Angela Hoban John Clayton David Hoban

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