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5 top day trip destinations in Italy – Part 3

Five more day trip recommendations for your trip to Italy!

Italy is perfectly set up for travellers to visit different towns in a day. While basing yourself in a larger city, take advantage of Italy’s exceptional train network and compact size to explore a nearby area, without the need to pack your bags!

Day trips, Monastery Stays

So many possibilities!

We’ve already covered ten excellent day trip options in Part 1 and Part 2 of this series. In the final post, we cover five more day trips destinations for you. All easily accessed from major towns and all with so much to offer!

Spend a day exploring…

  1. Ostia Antica – only a short journey from Rome is the exceptional ancient ruins of Ostia Antica, near the Lazio coast. Not much smaller than Pompeii, Ostia Antica has a history dating back over 2500 years. As the once port city for Rome, the well preserved ruins have a fascinating history well worth a look.
  2. Paestum – for more ancient ruins, Paestum (above) is a short train ride from Naples or Sorrento. In a word, Paestum is breathtaking. Home to some of the best preserved Greek temples anywhere in the world, this sprawling complex also houses a museum with numerous artefacts on display. This is truly one of the highlights of Italy, and one of the premier archaeological sites in Europe.
  3. Mantua – a brief train trip from Verona (or slightly longer from Venice) will see you arrive in the historic town of Mantua (Mantova in Italian). An important town during the Renaissance thanks largely to the Gonzaga family, Mantua is flanked by lakes on the northern side. An historic castle, richly adorned palaces and a frescoed basilica are some of the top attractions here.
  4. Perugia – capital of the region of Umbria, a visit to Perugia (below) is a great way to split up your time in Assisi. Bursting with history from Etruscan times up to World War II, Perugia balances its past with a cosmopolitan feel, due to the two universities here.
  5. Rimini – from Bologna, you can be on the magnificent east coast city of Rimini in just over an hour (or two and a half from Florence). Soak up the sun on the seemingly endless stretch of beach or venture into the historic centre of Rimini and explore. History, art and architecture paint a vivid picture of Rimini’s past.
Day trips, Monastery Stays

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