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Sicily Roadtrip – Perfect Palermo

So much to see and do in the Sicilian capital!

On our Sicilian roadtrip, we have so far visited the east coast of the island, focusing on the
history of Taormina and the lively atmosphere of Syracuse.

We now find ourselves in Sicilian capital of Palermo, where our trip comes to an end. It’s time to explore this fascinating city!

Monastery accommodation in Palermo

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Located in the north west corner of Sicily, Palermo has a history dating back to the 8th century BC. This colourful past has seen the city held by Phoenician, Carthaginian, Roman, Greek and Arabic rulers (among others) – this incredible mix of cultures is still present today in the architecture and culture of the city.

The best example of this multicultural history is the Palermo Cathedral. The cathedral was built in 1185 in the Norman style. It was then altered and expanded over the centuries by different groups who ruled Sicily. Today you can see evidence of Moorish, Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance influence in this stunning cathedral. Totally unique and magnificent inside and out, this is a must see while in Palermo.

After you take in the wonder of the cathedral, a short walk down the road will have you at the doorstep of Teatro Massimo. This imposing theatre has a striking exterior with an opulent interior. Take in a show or opt for a guided tour of Italy’s largest auditorium! Film buffs will recognise Teatro Massimo as the setting for the final scene of The Godfather III.

Other significant attractions to visit while in Palermo include the Palazzo dei Normanni and Mercato Ballaro as well as a number of other museums, churches and parks. Sicilian wine is world class and their cuisine unique and delicious.

Where to Stay in Palermo?

Perfectly located in the historical centre of town, Collegio di Maria di Palermo al Giusino (SIP110) is ideal to use as a base for sightseeing. Close to the Cathedral, this guest house offers clean, spacious rooms and you will be warmly greeted by the nuns – a perfect welcome to Palermo!

For an option closer to the central train station, Convento del Carmine Maggiore (SIP118) is a great choice. With its proximity to public transport, well presented rooms and stunning adjacent church, make this venue your home while exploring the city.

We have a range of options in the city and suburbs of Palermo. The capital was a great place to end our Sicilian travels, make it yours as well!

History, culture, cuisine and great weather – book your Monastery Stay in Palermo today!