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The path less travelled

Five small towns in Italy to explore this summer

Small towns, Monastery Stays

As countries begin to open their borders across Europe, travellers have the opportunity to experience Italy again. While you might be eager to experience all the sights of Rome, Florence or Venice, why not consider a stay in one the many small towns Italy has to offer?

A well connected country

Italy’s rail system is exceptional. With stations in most towns and major locations connected by a high speed network, it’s easy, fast and cheap to access all corners of the country in a matter of hours. This makes small towns across Italy easily accessible.

Let Monastery Stays recommend some small towns across Italy that are worth visiting. Charming, historic, traditional locations with so much to offer!

  1. Rapallo, Liguria – flanked by coast on one side and mountains on the other, Rapallo is home to some stunning scenery. A central train station offers easy access to the many other towns dotted along the Ligurian coast. A perfect summer getaway.
  2. San Gimignano, Tuscany (pictured above) – an historic hilltop town in the heart of Tuscany. With a remarkable 14 intact medieval towers looming over the terracotta rooftops, this unique town is well worth a look.
  3. Orvieto, Umbria (pictured below) – perched on top of a cliff and accessible by funicular or road, Orvieto has a fascinating history. Coupled with brilliant cuisine, this is a top choice for a short stay in central Italy.
  4. Viterbo, Lazio – sitting to the north-west of Rome, Viterbo has a wonderful past and a charming historic centre. Basilicas, palaces and museums offer a glimpse into Viterbo’s place in Italian history.
  5. Cefalù, Sicily – a coastal gem on the island of Sicily, Cefalù has something for everyone. Relax on the beach or take in the sights by day, find a restaurant for local seafood and wine at night. Small town charm on the Mediterranean!
Small towns, Monastery Stays

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