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Europe Convent

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Europe Convent and Monastery guesthouses - Original

Europe Convent

Europe Convent and Monastery guesthouses - New Edition

Europe Convent

Europe Convent became a heavily used phrase with the publication in 2000 of Kevin Wright’s book – Europe’s Monastery and Convent Guesthouses. At the time it was the single largest resource ever compiled on Europe’s monastery and convent guesthouses. The Europe convent guidebook featured more than 450 places of spiritual retreat in twenty countries. The original Europe Convent paperback has no index or maps, and was published before the iweb became a popular travel booking tool.

What Europe Convent as a guidebook did was open the way for many people to find out about this unique form of lodging.

Europe Convent Accommodation

You don’t have to take vows of chastity and poverty to lodge in a European convent. You don’t even have to be particularly religious.

There are convents scattered all over Europe as well as monasteries.

The more widespread are the convents, many of which run guest houses, set up to assist the religious order make some money to support their ‘real’ work of providing assistance to others all over the world.

Not only is a Europe convent stay a great budget lodging option, it’s also a unique cultural experience and a chance to get closer to the culture of the country you are visiting.

Europe convent hotels are open to all (from big church trips to solo folks) and are most widely available in major cities, especially in the predominantly Catholic countries of Spain, France, and, of course, Italy.

In major pilgrimage sites like Rome and Assisi – you will be spoilt for choice although plan ahead – they are popular. For the faithful, a Europe convent stay holds many rewards. Also, they’re cheap. However you don’t have to have faith to find a convent stay fascinating.

Aside from the (generally) low prices, Europe convents offer an interesting cultural experience particularly in Italy, where they’ve been part of the fabled fabric of local communities for millennia.

Many of you will spend a lot of your time in Europe admiring frescoes in historic churches, and paintings in museums, witnessing major historical events, or simply kneeling in adoration of the central saint. These works of art are a window into a tradition remaining largely unchanged up to the present day. Lodging at a Europe convent is like stepping through the window or into the fresco for a day or two.

Use it as an excuse to take a day or two to empty your mind and cleanse your soul. Wander the gardens. Smell the flowers.

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Ligori Publications updated and reprinted a new version of the book. It is now known as Europe’s Monastery and Convent Guesthouses: A Pilgrim’s Travel Guide. Europe’s Monastery and Convent Guesthouses features more than two hundred fifty places of spiritual retreat located in seventeen countries. Inside, you’ll find stories of major monastic orders, a chronicle of Gregorian chant and more.

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