Pistoia – The Capital of Culture

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Pistoia Accommodation – experience authentic Pistoia with Monastery Stays

Casa Maria Madre Della Chiesa Del Centro Comunitario (TOP102)Casalguidi-Cantagrillo Pistoia, Tuscany

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If you love all things Tuscan, then you may well know Pistoia, but for those that come across this little town for the first time, it is a jewel of a location!

Rich in culture, incredible medieval architecture and of course, the Tuscan hills. It is no wonder it was named Italian Capital of Culture for 2017!

Pistoia Monastery Stays Being only 30km north-west of Florence, Pistoia is great way to live Tuscany as a local and get away from the hustle and bustle of the beautiful but very crowded streets of Florence and also enjoy an amazing Monastery Stays experience.

There is also so much to see and do in and around Pistoia, which makes it a great base for those visiting Tuscany a second or third time!

For years, Italians and visiting tourists alike, have enjoyed the thermal baths of the province, as well as enjoying renowned Italian artisan chocolate – famous around the world.

Or for the more adventurous, the nearby mountains are a must see, with stunning Tuscan vistas, hiking routes in summer and ski slops in winter. Pistoia is a perfect all-round destination for those in love with Tuscany!

Remember to bring a camera to Casa Maria Madre Della Chiesa Del Centro Comunitario (TOP102) – the views from their terrace are stunning and in spring & summer, guests can enjoy al fresco breakfast. The perfect Tuscan experience!

Why Visit:

  • Feel like a local, in Tuscany – Pistoia’s gorgeous historical centre can be visited on foot which makes it a great destination to linger. Not having the hordes of people that you might find in Florence, Pistoia offers you an authentic local feel, immersed in historic, beautiful surrounds.
  • Italian Culture Capital in 2017 – immerse yourself in the history and beauty that is the historical centre of Pistoia, named Italian Culture Capital in 2017! An event not to be missed when planning your next trip Tuscany.
  • Tuscan Day trips on your doorstep – you are just 40 minutes via bus or car to the heart of Florence or the beautiful hilltop town of San Miniato. Get away from the hustle and bustle of Florence in the evening to enjoy a hearty local meal at Casa Maria Madre Della Chiesa Del Centro Comunitario (TOP102) or at the local trattoria for some ‘vino della casa’ and ‘antipasto’!

What to do:

  • Admire the architecture and surround yourself with the gorgeous Palazzo Comunale, Palazzo Vescovile antico and Palazzo del Tribunale, over a caffè macchiato in Piazza del Duomo.
  • The Duomo of Pistoia, as with any Italian city, is a must see! Consider it a free museum with some of the most amazing works of art, including the +750 year old ‘Crocifisso di San Zeno’ by noted Florentine father/son artists, Coppo e Salerno
  • Try the local specialities such as pappa al pomodoro, ribollita, schiacciata, fried mixed meats, peposo meat stew, Tuscan crostini, and last but not least, do not miss the Carcerato and Pasta con l’anatra (pasta with duck sauce – yum!). After your ‘caffè’ or ‘amaro’, take a digestive stroll through the beautiful historical centre by night. The perfect way to end your day!
  • There is always something to do in Pistoia, whether it be the popular blues music festival, that attracted 45,000 spectators in 2015, or the several theatres and various Romanesque and Renaissance churches, your days will be full of great things to see. Do not miss the famous, octagonal, 14th-century Baptistry faced in white-and-green-striped marble in characteristic Tuscan Gothic style.
  • Medici Villas – take in the Medici history in nearby Poggio a Caiano, once the childhood home of the first Medici Pope, Leo X, before generations of the Grand Dukes of Tuscany through the 1500’s and later Vittorio Emanuele II of Italy following the Risorgimento.
  • Private group tours – for groups of up to 25 people staying for 2+ nights, the guest house will provide a free tour of Pistoia with a certified tour guide. Spanish, French and English tours are available.

Pistoia Accommodation – experience authentic Pistoia with Monastery Stays

Casa Maria Madre Della Chiesa Del Centro Comunitario (TOP102)Casalguidi-Cantagrillo Pistoia, Tuscany

From €37.50pp/n

Whatever it is you are looking for, guest house – Casa Maria Madre Della Chiesa Del Centro Comunitario (TOP102) – and their amazing staff are always happy to provide local tips and tricks to see the best that Pistoia has to offer.

So, if you are looking to spend some time exploring the wonderful sights and delights of Tuscany, there are alternatives to Florence, put Pistoia on your travel plan today!

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