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Image of Sardinia accommodation


Sardinia (Sardegna) is a large mountainous island found 350km/217m off the west coast of Italy and just below the French island of Corsica. You can either fly over or get a ferry from Livorno, Anzio or Naples.

The island has high impenetrable mountains like the Gennargentu with a peak of 1834m or 6017ft, but in contrast also provides visitors with long sandy beaches, isolated caves and coves.

Sardinia's capital is Cagliari but we recommend using the bus and train services to see a little bit more of this beautiful destination.

Cala Gonone is just one of many gorgeous Sardinian hot spots. It is a fishing port surrounded by crystal clear waters that attract many tourists looking for somewhere to go on summer vacation.

Nuoro is a town surrounded by wild natural forests making it ideal for nature lovers. Visitors can admire different bird species like Sardinian partridges, red woodpeckers, eagles and hawks.

Sassari is a well-known Sardinian city and is home to the regions oldest university. Over time the city has been ruled by the Genoese, the Pisans, the Aragones, the Catalans, the Spanish and the Austrians, all of which have contributed to the city's historical and artistic heritage.

Alghero is a charming town on Sardinia's western coast. It was dominated by the Spanish for some 360 years and their influence can still be seen in the town today. Only a short drive away from Alghero is Bosa, an old medieval town. Why not take a day-trip there and enjoy the local cuisine based on fish and seafood along with a glass of Bosa's Malvasia wine?

For those who love their classic history, Oristano is a Sardinian town near the 8th century BC Punic settlement of Tharros. It houses the important Antiquarium Arborense Museum with its numerous findings from the Nuraghic and Roman ages.

Su Nuraxi is also found in Sardinia and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Nuraghe people's settlement, which was excavated in the 1950s.

And for those who simply want to spend their time on a beach enjoying the Mediterranean sun, Putzu Idu, Marina di Torre Grande and Sinnai are sure to impress.
Monastery Stays are a chance to experience a true slice of Italian life - warm hospitality as the guest of monks or nuns. This bed and breakfast accommodation will leave you with a lasting holiday memory of Sardinia. Peaceful and welcoming to all, monastery and convent guest houses in Sardinia have long provided hospitality, yet been notoriously difficult to book, Monastery Stays opens the door to travellers from around the world, with assured reservations and support. Book your stay in a monastery or convent in Sardinia.