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Image of Abruzzo accommodation


One of the most spectacular aspects of Italy's Abruzzo region is that it remains almost completely unspoiled by mass visitors. Tourists who enjoy wondering off the beaten track will love Abruzzo's stunning rocky coastline and breath-taking mountain ranges.

Views of the Adriatic Sea are hard to miss when in Abruzzo, with the region lying right on the eastern coast of Italy. The capital is L'Aquila, a gorgeous hot spot for locals wanting to escape to the mountains for some hiking or skiing.

Together with the Molise region, Abruzzo is home to the Apennine mountain ranges and Italy's highest mountain peak, Gran Sasso, which reaches 2912m or 9553ft.

Although the region is sparsely populated and is of lower socio-economic status than the rest of Italy, Abruzzo still has many places of interest to offer.

The Abbruzzo National Park or Parco Nazionale d'Abruzzo was inaugurated in 1922 and is today home to many local species including the Marsicon Brown Bear of which only about 100 are thought to exist.

Manoppello is another destination worth adding to the itinerary especially to see the Volto Santo di Manoppello church, which is said to hold the great image of the Veil of Veronica.

Civitella del Tronto is another treasure offering landscapes of unparalleled beauty among the north-eastern edge of the Laga (Monti della Laga) and Gemelli (Monti Gemelli) mountains.

For those who wish to fully appreciate the flora and fauna of Abruzzo, take a trip to Campo di Giove where you will find the wonderful Majella National Park or Parco Nazionale della Majella.

Or for those who want to revisit history in its truest form, Monastery Stays recommends a trip to Avezzano, the home of the Orsini Castle, a gorgeous structure from the 16th century.
Monastery Stays are a chance to experience a true slice of Italian life - warm hospitality as the guest of monks or nuns. This bed and breakfast accommodation will leave you with a lasting holiday memory of Abruzzo. Peaceful and welcoming to all, monastery and convent guest houses in Abruzzo have long provided hospitality, yet been notoriously difficult to book, Monastery Stays opens the door to travellers from around the world, with assured reservations and support. Book your stay in a monastery or convent in Abruzzo.