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Who & what is Monastery Stays An Old Story told a New -
Monastery Stays is a web based booking service for monastery, convent & Diocesan accommodation. Commenced in 2005 and launched and operated since 2006 by a group of four friends along with a talented and service focussed team - all of whom have had the experience of visiting and living in Europe and enjoyed the experience at various depths of staying in monastery and convent guest houses.

Monastery and convent accommodation is available for all to enjoy. Visiting a monastery may begin as a stopover, but one cannot ignore the presence of peace in these places and its associated 'wellness'. It is a place for restoration of the body with a good nights sleep but also for the inner self, an experience that you will not find in Europe's best Resort, Spa or Wellness Centre!

The team at Monastery Stays solved the problems they personally encountered in dealing with monastery and convent accommodation - where are they... what is the quality of accommodation... is there availability when I want to travel... will I have an ensuite or a private bathroom... is it possible to travel with a family... what are the up to date prices... what are the facilities... what is the curfew... is there a lift for disabled access... is there parking on site... how do I book a room... they only speak their language and I do not.... how do I know that I will have a reservation on arrival... how will I receive a confirmation... how do I find the monastery once booked... how do I get from the airport in Rome to the monastery...etc?

So was born Monastery Stays to centralise into one place answering all these questions and take the difficulties out of making a reservation at monastery and convent accommodation.
We look forward to welcoming you to a Monastery Stay.

Back to Top The Benefits of Monastery Stays
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Friar in Jeans!

Grand Buildings


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Warm Hospitality



Why should you book a monastery or convent guest house stay?

Staying in a monastery or convent guest house is a unique opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of mainstream hotels and experience a hospitality tradition that has been around for 1500+ years.

Open to all, Monastery Stays are a chance to savour a true slice of local life, staying as the guest of monks or nuns, in their beautiful houses often amongst centuries of history.

Welcoming, bed and breakfast hospitality that will leave you with a lasting holiday memory, something special you won't find anywhere else.

The beauty of this experience, is that it is not just 'another hotel' - but that can also makes finding and booking your stay yourself a challenge.

Monastery Stays has solved all the challenges, so you benefit.

Recognised in the major travel media and guides - Monastery Stays' established and trusted relationship with all of the monastery and convent guest houses brings you an assured, reliable, professional and respected service so you can book your stay at a monastery or convent guest house with confidence.

Sure you can try book yourself...what could go wrong? The answer - plenty!

What are the benefits of using Monastery Stays?
  • Books and lists you may find are out of date the minute they go to print, incorrect and missing information, we know we've bought them all - how do you know what's right and what's not? The benefit of Monastery Stays - our information, photos and facilities are continuously maintained with the respective guest houses - qualified - friendly, clean, and helpful for welcoming you

  • Due to your language barrier we hear of all ends of problems with dates, room types and prices getting confused. The benefit of Monastery Stays - our skilled customer service team arrange your reservations personally.

  • It is easy for you to get the wrong address and contact details in a foreign language, you can't understand directions, curfews are not explained, double bookings can occur.The benefit of Monastery Stays - no mis-communications, mix-ups, mis-understandings in our quality assured booking systems we have a thorough and personalised process in place with every guest house.

  • You are not clearly understood and so the wrong nights are booked or the tariff is miscommunicated and the rooms may not have private bathrooms or meet your special requests. The benefit of Monastery Stays - assurance that your reservation is complete, accurate and reliably organised; maintained for you through to your stay.

  • You don't receive any confirmation at all and you don't know until you arrive if you have a booking at all, possibly finding a booking not as you had requested or worse booking at all.The benefit of Monastery Stays guaranteed & confirmed bookings from us, confirmed to you in writing in English with a comprehensive Booking Information Package - Fact Sheet and Map.

Immerse yourself in the unique experience of monastery and convent guest house accommodation... but don't let it go wrong

Book confidently before you depart on your travels.
Book with the benefit and support of Monastery Stays!

Back to Top Is Monastery Stays a travel agent? No. Monastery Stays is an internet based, specialist accommodation booking service for monastery and convent guest house stays.

We provide the easy to use booking service, here at

We are not classified as a travel agent (this is a legal definition) as we are not involved in providing advice or booking any form of transportation (airlines, cars, trains etc) or land content. We leave you to make your own transport arrangements. We provide reference to tour and transport content booked via the independent service Viator.

We do work with a global network of Travel Agents who are registered to book Monastery Stays at the same price and details shown on the website. So if you would prefer to use your local agent to integrate a Monastery Stay in your itinerary or you would just like a local 'helping-hand', then please introduce your local agent or use our Travel Agent Finder.
Back to Top Why have you selected these places? Monastery Stays has a set of criteria for inclusion of accommodations or lodgings on our website based on our experiences and the need to provide our clients with an acceptable level of service.

There were three areas we wanted covered properly:
  • Private bathrooms - monastery guest houses we book have rooms with en-suite or exclusive use private bathroom facilities (location can sometimes be adjacent the room with a private key based on the architecture of the house).
  • Breakfast - accommodation listed (except where noted in the Overview tab for a guest house) offers breakfast as part of the price per night. Breakfast is not a main meal, expect a combination of bread rolls, jams, fruit, savoury items, tea & coffee.
  • Safe, good value lodgings - we figure you don't want to spend a lot of time in your room when travelling - there is too much to see and do in our experience, so the accommodation provided is simple and safe. It's not luxurious but more than adequate and comfortable - you'll get a good night's sleep (check the 'Making a booking' section on each guest house for curfews). We self assess monasteries listed as offering a quality standard we are comfortable staying in.
  • The accommodation is owned and/or operated by a religious Order or the Diocese/Parish. If the number of nuns or monks is limited, they may enlist some 'outside' help in the operation of the house. We focus on genuine monastery, convent and Diocese guest houses, they are part of a hospitality service that has been around for 1500+ years they are open for all travelers and you will experience an authentic slice of local life. Book today, you'll be pleasantly surprised!
Benefit from booking with Monastery Stays' experience (click to read about the benefits)
Back to Top Did you visit all the places on your website? We have personally stayed at / visited and reviewed the majority of monastery and convent guest houses offered, we have not got to them them all.... there are over 500, one day we will!

We have thoroughly researched the monastery and convent guest houses that are listed on the website in accordance to our standards, to offer you safe, good value, convenient, clean and user-friendly monasteries and convents ia a range of popular and 'off the beaten track' locations. We are continually researching, so if you have any specific requests, contact us and we will advise you.

For many monastery and convent guest houses, offering accommodation is an aspect of their life that supports their work in the community and further afield. Monastery Stays understands and assures the 'house policies' of each venue listed and works to bring their offering to you - opening the door to this authentic travel experience.
Back to Top Do you earn commissions from the monasteries? No - we are an independent booking service only.

We do not accept commissions from any accommodation featured on our website, nor do they pay commissions, they are monastery and convent guest houses not 'hotels'. We charge a fee for our service, it is part of the Room Price, not extra. Click her to read about Why do I pay a booking fee and what it is and Room Prices

The Prices shown on our website are per room per night, including the Monastery Room Rate & Monastery Stays Booking Fee - so what you see is the total with no extras to be added.

Our client is you - not the guest house with whom we have a respected relationship through our quality service and visits; we act on your instruction via your authorised Travel Plan and in accordance with the Customer Terms and Conditions of booking.
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