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Guide to group bookings with Monastery Stays
Group bookings - key facts and discounts The following policy is the Group Terms and Conditions of booking, that must be read in conjunction with Customer Terms & Conditions that are accepted for all bookings submitted to Monastery Stays

Monastery, convent and diocese guest houses are not mainstream hotels and indeed that is their charm and ideal suitability to group bookings - a personal touch with warm hospitality. The online listing of Rooms and Room Prices per Search (above) can not list all available rooms and group pricing - Monastery Stays knows and works with each guest house in accordance with their processes and availability to personally source and book your group requirements at the best terms available.

Group Bookings - Key Facts
  • Do we organise group bookings? Yes we do.

  • What is a group? Ten (10) or more persons staying together, booked under one Monastery Stays Travel Plan.

  • How do I book? Either Search (above), create a Travel Plan and submit it for booking OR Complete our Group Booking Form (click) with full detail and we will create a Travel Plan meeting your requirements ready for booking.

  • How are payments made on group bookings? Due to venue requirements and the value of deposits, group bookings will be required to complete the Pay Now transaction at confirmation via bank transfer See: Total Cost explained . You will be advised with bank co-ordinates provided through your Travel Plan. The balance of the Total Cost may also be required to be paid up to 60 days prior to arrival, you may also wish to pre-pay, which will minimise your cash handling and foreign exchange fees in Europe (a pre-payment handling fee of 50.00 Euro per Stay applies).

  • Is any discount or rebate available?
    Yes they may be, for minimum 2 night Stays, effective as follows:

    • 1.0 - 5.0% of the Total Cost for groups of 10+ people

      % is subject to venues, this policy and availability.

    • 1.0 - 2.5% of the Total Cost for groups at:
      Residenza Madri Pie Roma (LAR113)Casa Santa Maria alle Fornaci (LAR115)
      DNB House (Domus Nova Bethlem) (LAR129)Casa di Santa Brigida - Piazza Farnese (LAR133)
      Casa di Accoglienza Suore di Cristo (LAR135)Casa di Santa Francesca Romana a Ponte Rotto (LAR148)
      Casa per Ferie Centro Santa Giovanna Antida (LAR150)Casa Bonus Pastor (LAR165)
      Palazzo Cardinal Cesi (LAR206)Casa Maria Immacolata (LAR210)
      Casa Santa Lucia Filippini (LAR254)Villa Irlanda (LAR258)
      Casa per Ferie I Cappuccini (LAR259)Villa Adriana (LIM110)
      Casa per Ferie Betania (TOC101)Villa Santa Margherita (TOC106)
      Florence guest houses (TOF)Venice guest houses (VEV)
      The Garda Family House (VEC113)Austrian guest houses (SLS / VIV)

      % is subject to venue policy and availability.

    • No Discount
      • One-night Stays
      • Rome/Vatican during Consistory/Beatification/Canonisation ceremonies
      • +/- 2 weeks of Easter Sunday
      • Stays over Public Holidays (click to view)
      • Venice during Carnevale / Biennale

  • Discount terms current as at 1 January 2023.
    Discounts are subject to change and your booking will be confirmed to the terms as detailed in this FAQ at confirmation of your Travel Plan

  • How is the discount calculated? The discount or rebate is calculated on the Total Cost of the confirmed Stay as listed on the Travel Plan.

  • Who is entitled to a discount or rebate? Independent group reservations arranged through booking service.

    Separate commercial arrangements exist for Travel Agents registered with Monastery Stays and are not able to be combined with this offer to independent groups.

    Travel Agents registered with Monastery Stays who are organising groups should contact us to discuss their requirements further.

  • Payment of group discount - how does it occur? Once the Travel Plan is confirmed, the correct discount or rebate is applied as an adjustment to the Pay Now component of the Total Cost charged on confirmation.

  • Will the terms and conditions be the same for groups as they are for individual booking? Yes - with the possibility that due to the number of people the guest house may allow for additional deposits and progress payments in finalisation of numbers. You should read the Customer Terms & Conditions and the rest of these Frequently Asked Questions as they pertain to booking.

    We understand group booking logistics and will work with you to achieve your requirements. If you have any questions, please include them in your Group Booking Form - our group booking team are here to help you!

  • Cancellation - cancellation terms are explained in the Customer Terms & Conditions - please read them and Contact Us if any questions.

  • Is the coach driver, tour leader etc provided with free accommodation? Generally not unless the group exceeds 25 persons, when sometimes one place is provided free, but that cannot be guaranteed. Don't use this in your calculations but accept it as a bonus if we can organise it for you (be assured, we negotiate the best group booking detail for you).

  • Are evening meals available? Not all guest houses provide evening meals or lunch. If this is a requirements please look for a 'Dining' as a Facility in reviewing guest houses via Search (above) or include it within your requirements in completing our Group Booking Enquiry Form.

  • Is breakfast included in the Price? Breakfast inclusions are noted on each guest house venue page at, see Search (above).
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