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To access your booking results and documentation, please use the username registered to your account and the required password to login to your Travel Agent Console.
To access your bookings, saved or submitted, please use the email registered to your booking and the Travel Plan ID (or Invoice Number) to login to My Plans.
Travel Agents - Learn More & Register Travel Agents - make Monastery Stays work for you!

Monastery and Convent Guest House Accommodation made easy for Travel Agents and your customers.

Create an account and access specialist services to:
  • Build, Submit, Process your clients' Travel Plans

  • A commission (1.0% to 5.0%) on the Total Cost of confirmed bookings submitted through
    your Travel Agents Console, your one stop planning and management system.

    The Commission will be 1.0 - 2.5% for confirmed Stays where any of the following apply:

    • 10 or more guests (including across arrival/departure dates).

    • The following guest houses:
      Casa Santa Maria alle Fornaci (LAR115)Nova Domus Aurelia (LAR117)
      DNB House (Domus Nova Bethlem) (LAR129)Casa di Santa Brigida - Piazza Farnese (LAR133)
      Casa di Accoglienza Suore di Cristo (LAR135)Casa di Santa Francesca Romana a Ponte Rotto (LAR148)
      Casa per Ferie Centro Santa Giovanna Antida (LAR150)Casa Bonus Pastor (LAR165)
      Palazzo Cardinal Cesi (LAR206)Casa Maria Immacolata (LAR210)
      Casa Santa Lucia Filippini (LAR254)Villa Irlanda (LAR258)
      Casa per Ferie I Cappuccini (LAR259)Villa Adriana (LIM110)
      Casa per Ferie Betania (TOC101)Villa Santa Margherita (TOC106)
      Florence guest houses (TOF)Venice guest houses (VEV)
      The Garda Family House (VEC113)Austrian guest houses (SLS / VIV)

  • Commissions do not apply to:
    • One-night Stays
    • Rome/Vatican during Consistory/Beatification/Canonisation ceremonies & Jubilee Years
    • +/- 2 weeks of Easter Sunday
    • Stays over Public Holidays (click to view)
    • Venice during Carnevale / Biennale

Commissions to Travel Agents and Group Discounts (click) are not combined.

Terms current as at 1 January 2024

  • Specific Travel Agent Help resources to support your client booking
    and commission process

  • Advertise on Monastery Stays - a dedicated feature allowing you to advertise to thousands of visitors per month looking for services in their local area

  • How to's, media clips, newsletters and much more to enhance your sales team
    and inform clients about Monastery Stays

  • Many travellers and travel agents have heard about the attractions of staying in monastery/convent & Diocesan guest houses.

    But many have also previously told us about the difficulties of actually making a booking.

    All this changes with the arrival of

    The online booking system at Monastery Stays allows you to satisfy your customer needs and easily make a confirmed booking with commercial terms that work for you.

    Monastery and convent guest house accommodation available on this site is already some of the most competitively priced 3-4 star accommodation available - just very few know about it, or have the means to make a booking - with obvious language and commercial complexities.

    Monastery Stays solves this for you, offering complete bilingual booking facilities, up to date pricing and resources all in one secure on-line service. As a specialist booking service for this product with dedicated online service, we enable you to offer this unique value for money accommodation option to your customers with peace of mind and confidence in sourcing them a memorable experience for their travels.

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    Back to Top I'm a Travel Agent - can I book for my clients? Yes you can.

    Can I book accommodation through Monastery Stays? Yes
    Are the guest houses and Prices the same to my client? Yes
    Do you pay me a commission on confirmed bookings? Yes
    You should read our registration information and sign up today Register

    You should also read the comprehensive Travel Agent Terms and Conditions
    Back to Top I'm a customer - can I use a Travel Agent to book? Yes you can.

    We recognise not everyone is proficient in the use of internet technology and many will require other services to integrate their Monastery Stays accommodation with airline bookings, car rentals etc.

    To assist you we have organised a list of registered travel agents - see the Travel Agent Finder.

    Alternatively, introduce your preferred Travel Agent to us and direct them to the Travel Agents registration at, we would be pleased to work with them.

    All the travel agents on our site have to be accredited by the relevant authorities in their country of operation so you can rely upon them.

    Room Prices remain the same whether you use a registered travel agent or book directly with us.
    Back to Top I'm a customer - how do I find a travel agent? Monastery Stays works with a global network of travel agents who are registered to book Monastery Stays at the same price and details shown on the website. So if you would prefer to use your local agent to integrate a Monastery Stay in your itinerary or you would just like a local 'helping-hand', then please introduce your local agent or use our Travel Agent Finder to find a travel agent near you.

    The Travel Agent Finder asks you to select from some simple drop down menus:

    - First choose your country
    - Secondly chose your local geographic region eg State, Province etc.

    Our system will then present you with a list of travel agents in the area and beyond. Browse the listing to find a travel agent with the location and services to suit you.

    Then simply:

    Phone - pick up the phone and call the contact person directly to arrange an appointment.

    Email - cut and paste the email provided into your email system. Remember to change the [at] to @. We use this convention to make it difficult for people to use this list to spam our registered agents.

    Shop Front - go and visit your local travel agent today! With address details supplied you can click on the Google Map link to find their location.

    With all these options, getting the hands-on assistance you need to integrate your Monastery Stay in your next trip could not be easier.

    We advise you to let the agent know you are contacting them using the Monastery Stays Travel Agent Finder. Our registered travel agents are familiar with our Travel Plan system and can assist you in making the booking.
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