Palazzo Pitti

Italy reopens! How the country plans to keep you safe

Visit famous monuments across the country with peace of mind

As Italy reopens, attractions across the country are starting to open their doors to the public for the first time in a few months. However, as these famous landmarks prepare to welcome you back, they have a responsibility to keep everyone safe.

Palazzo Pitti, Monastery Stays

At the same time, many of the guest houses we work with are opening their doors again. They are ready to extend their warm hospitality to you when you are able to travel.

We have gathered here a small list of some of the top tourist attractions across Italy and the measures they are implementing to keep visitors safe. You can expect to see a lot of these safety precautions at all major tourist destinations around the country for the foreseeable future.

What to expect when you visit…

Florence Duomo, Monastery Stays
  • Vatican Museums – you will be required to wear a mask and have your temperature checked upon entry. All entry to the museums must be booked in advance, and you have a 15 minute window to arrive (e.g. if you book for 10.00am, you must arrive no later than 10.15am). This will help control visitor numbers at all times to allow adequate social distancing. Please click here to see an official press release by the Vatican in English.
  • Florence Duomo (pictured) – the duomo is offering a very innovative solution to ensure you are kept safe while visiting the cathedral complex – known as social distancing necklaces, these are lanyards worn around your neck, with small devices attached with lights and sensors that will blink when you are standing within 2 metres of someone else. Click here to read more about this innovation!
  • Palazzo Pitti, Florence (pictured) – you will be asked to maintain at least 6 feet (1.8 metres) between other people at all times. Group visits have been capped at a maximum of 8 people, and all tour guides must use a ‘whisper system’ (microphone and earphones) regardless of group numbers. The Uffizi (which manages the palace) has issued a press release with more detail here.
  • Accademia Gallery, Venice – the gallery asks that you maintain a 2 metre distance between other visitors at all times. To facilitate this, they are limiting numbers so there is more space to keep an appropriate distance. Hand sanitiser is available upon entry and face masks are mandatory. More information is available here.
  • Milan Duomo – the duomo is offering free entry for all healthcare and emergency workers, as a show of gratitude for their tireless work over the last few months. Family and those accompanying any eligible workers are entitled to discounted entry. Temperature checks are carried out on entry, masks are mandatory and group numbers are limited to 10 people. Disposable gloves are available and must be used when you are interacting with automatic ticket machines and touchscreens. For further details, please click this link.

As Italy reopens, our guest houses look forward to extending their hospitality to you – dream, plan or book now with Monastery Stays!