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Europe Convent

Europe / Italy Convent Accommodation

Check us out – we provide an easy to use online booking service. Europe Convent Europe Convent Europe Convent became a heavily used phrase with the publication in 2000 of Kevin Wright’s book – Europe’s Monastery and Convent Guesthouses. At the time it was the single largest resource ever compiled on Europe’s monastery and convent… Read more »

Bed and Blessings

Bed and Blessings with Monastery Stays

Bed and Blessings was a popular book but is now both out of print and out of date. The up to date, trusted booking service is now Monastery Stays. Bed & Blessings Bed & Blessings Bed and Blessings, originally published in 1999, was the first comprehensive travel guide to accommodation in convents and monasteries in… Read more »