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Image of Sicily accommodation


At the very bottom of Italy and close to Northern Africa, Sicily (Sicilia) has a wealth of culture and influences. It boasts spectacular scenery and ancient buildings dating from every period of western civilization. The Greeks, Romans, Phoenicians, Arabs, and strangely the Northern French Normans have left indelible marks on the island.

It has its own world famous wine called Marsala, a valley of Greek temples, a Norman cathedral built in 1172 and the still active Mt Etna volcano. But it doesn't end there, to top it off the region enjoys a host of great beaches and a spectacular mountainous interior.

The capital is Palermo but the most spectacular site in Sicily is undoubtedly Mt Etna. However, Marsala, the home of Sicily's sweet white wine, is not to be overlooked either.

Other places to visit include:

- Selinute - An ancient town where tourists flock to see some of Europe's best preserved Greek ruins containing five temples centered on an acropolis

- Erice - Home to ancient Elymian and Phoenician walls, Pepoli Castle and Venus Castle.

- Piazza Armerina - Close to Villa Romana del Casale and its exquisite mosaics

- Agrigento - Historic site of the Valley of the Temples seven monumental Greek temples in the Doric style, constructed during the 5th and 6th centuries BC

- Noto - A fascinating town completely rebuilt in baroque style after a 1693 earthquake

- Syracuse - Known as the home of Archimedes, which rivaled Athens in ancient times as the most important city of the Greek world

- Taormina - A very popular beach resort boasting remarkably warm water with a high salt content and all accessible by aerial tram

- Monreale - Discover the Byzantine beauty, Norman splendor and Arab symmetry of its medieval Cathedral

- Cefalù - A city of churches dating back to the 12th century
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