Women travellers to Italy
Monastery and Convent Guest House Accommodation ...open to all!

Accommodation in Authentic Italian Monasteries
Experience a slice of Italian life as a guest of monks and nuns
Staying in a monastery is a unique and inspirational cultural experience.

Women - have you ever thought of staying at a Monastery or Convent Guest Houses? A monastery or convent guest house stay is very suitable for women travelling together or alone. Monasteries and convent guest houses provide a very gentle and warm environment.

The stays are unique - the monastery and convent guest house accommodations, buildings, locations, cultural experience, antiquities, slice of Italian life, genuine and caring hospitality.

The website of the only quality assured online central booking service for monasteries and convent guest houses in Italy is www.monasterystays.com

Listing over 350 monasteries and convent guest houses, 1,000 's of rooms of 3 to 4 star quality accommodation in Rome, Florence, Venice and most parts of Italy, Monastery Stays makes quality assured reservations and ensures a comfortable and safe stay.

LAR134 in Rome, Lazio

A window on a new experience
Monastery Stays have booked literally thousands of happy travellers into Italian monasteries and convent guest houses and listed their survey results and comments made by past client guests
Features and Benefits
Some of the features and benefits of staying at a monastery or convent guest house:
Safe and secure - staying in a monastery or convent guest house is one of the securest places to stay and the nuns and monks take every precaution to make your stay comfortable, safe and secure
Cleanliness is excellent in monasteries and convent guest houses, they are immaculately kept buildings and the rooms and bathrooms sparkle
All rooms listed on the Monastery Stays website have ensuite/private bathrooms - this is double checked for every reservation made - as some of the monasteries do have some rooms without facilities, we specifically do not book these rooms for our client guests
The advice on availability is that Monasteries and convent guest houses in Rome, Florence and Venice are busy places - you need to book ahead to secure and confirm your reservation
Monastery Stay has solved the problems of organising a stay at a monastery or convent guest house - the problems of language, overseas confirmation of reservation in English, international funds transfers to secure reservations with deposits and so on
All are welcome - you will not be asked about your personal beliefs - that is your business and is respected - and you are not expected to participate in the life of the monks or nuns, you are free to come and go as you wish, most have some kind of curfew for security and safety of all guests but it is most often late. These times are on the website and arrangements for late evenings are most often accommodated after the first night 's stay
Prices are right - when accommodation is very expensive in Italy - prices are all listed on the website
Single rooms are most often available without the dreaded single supplement - a real saving if travelling alone
Breakfast is generally included in the price - a good saving for someone travelling on a budget
Children and families are very welcome - the Italians love children and family life and at monasteries and convent guest houses the attitudes are the same and multiple bed family rooms are often available
Locations are very convenient and central to most places of interest, by using the website you are able to locate monasteries and convent guest houses in the areas where you may be interested in staying. Monastery Stays uses Google Maps for this purpose
Hospitality is second to none - no agendas - your hosts have taken vows of poverty, chastity and obedience and they just want you to have a safe and peaceful place to return to at the end of your day
Evening meals are often available or you may seek directions to nearby local value for money family restaurants where the Italians eat - away from the tourists
Using the internet to make a reservation is often daunting so on the Monastery Stays website you will find a list of travel agents should you require assistance when making your reservation you can call these agents to discuss your requirements
an historical focus on hospitality to a guest/traveller.
Advice for Women
Advice for women when staying in a monastery and convent guest house:

Protocol is simple - it 's a quiet environment so it is good to go with the tempo of the monastery or convent guest house and no one will hassle you about anything
Clothing is not a big issue - but modest dress respectful of your host in their home should be embraced
The women hosts [nuns] at convent guest houses are strong women who have often provided service in less salubrious places than the particular convent - in other parts of Italy, the globe and sometimes troubled regions
Someone on site will most often speak English so don 't be afraid to engage with the nuns or monks during your stay - they will want to converse with you as well

TOF104 in Florence, Tuscany

LAR118 in Rome, Lazio
Do ask if you wish to know about the order, if you want to see other parts of the building, know more about your host guest master or director of hospitality as they are sometimes called - there will always be someone dedicated to this job
Eating out is expected on a trip to Italy, so ask your hosts to direct you to the best of real Italian food - always say"where the locals eat" - it 's a wonderful experience and has many pleasant surprises - engage with the locals - someone will know some English and make an honest and unbiased suggestion
Ask your nun or monk host at reception about transport to places of interest - monks and nuns use public transport and will be able to advise you precisely, be able to supply maps or have a map on hand to assist the direction advice - always buy a good map of the area you are visiting to use in such discussions
Ask about safety - places, routes, types of transport, times to avoid or to follow - nuns and monks have a keen knowledge about these things if there is something to be known
Shopping is also something your host will know about - so do ask about the time of opening and items of interest at local markets - they will often be on their way themselves and be happy to guide you to the destination
If you do wish to participate in the life of the monastery or convent for a short time do ask - as in most cases arrangements will be made for you to participate
Staying in real monasteries and convent guest houses is a special cultural event of which you are welcome to partake when visiting Italy. Sure they are quiet places but isn 't that great for a change?

Enjoy this slice of Italian life - Bella Italia

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