Cruising to and from Italy & Staying in a Monastery
Accommodation in Authentic Italian Monasteries
Experience a slice of Italian life as a guest of monks and nuns

What of the World Financial Turmoil?

The Cruise business will survive the current world financial turbulence because it will drop its prices to fill all the cabins and keep the cruise business alive. It will create many opportunities to travel in leisure and at similar prices for the transport aspect of the trip to that charged for air transport.

Italy is a great place to visit by cruise liner with eight cruise major ship ports - Rome [Civitavecchia] Bari, Florence/Pisa [Livorno], Genoa, Naples [Capri], Savona, Trieste and Venice. Hundreds of cruise ships visit Italy annually.

The three icon Italian cities of Rome, Florence and Venice are visited by cruise liners from all over the world and as part of Mediterranean, Italian and eastern European cruises. Many world cruising tours find Italy a must see location.

Civitavecchia Port

A window on a new experience
Cruise guests often arrive at Italy's ports of embarkation in advance of sailing to enjoy Italy's wonderful culture, history and cuisine. Likewise upon disembarkation following the completion of a cruise guests need somewhere convenient to stay at the right price for the same reason.

Price suitability staying at a monastery - the demographics of cruise guests have common demographics to those of our guests who choose to stay at Monastery Stays at economical prices.
Where are the ports in Italy?

Close to ports of Italy are many ideally located, three to four star, spotlessly clean monasteries and convent guest houses with ensuite/private bathrooms operated by religious orders listed on the Monastery Stays website www.monasterystays.com as follows:
Rome [Civitavecchia] - 120 monasteries and convent guest houses
Bari etc etc
Florence/Pisa [Livorno]
Naples [Capri]
Throughout Italy there are over 350 monasteries and convent guest houses that are listed on the Monastery Stays website. Directions to monasteries and convent guest houses are available on the Monastery Stays website. Google maps is the tool used for this purpose.
Why do we suggest a monastery or convent guest house stay?
It is reliable accommodation - bookings are confirmed with directions and map to help the guest to the location
Locations are idea - handy to the port for accommodation prior to embarkation or after disembarkationn
Prices are just right
Accommodations provided are more than adequate - three to four star, ensuite/private bathrooms
Extremely clean

LAR134 in Rome, Lazio
We invite you to consider the option of a monastery or convent guest house stay to enjoy some Italian culture, cuisine and history when your cruise leaves from or terminates in Italy.

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