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To access your booking results and documentation, please use the username registered to your account and the required password to login to your Travel Agent Console.
To access your bookings, saved or submitted, please use the email registered to your booking and the Travel Plan ID (or Invoice Number) to login to My Plans.

Booking Changes

What happens if you change your mind and wish to alter your booking arrangements?
Reduction of Rooms or Nights We recommend where possible that you contact us for assistance. Our skilled customer service team complete cancellations and modifications with the guest house, following the same process as when making the original booking to ensure everything is completed correctly. There is no additional charge for this cancellation/modification service.

The Cancellation Policy (Click here to read) sets out the policy for a Reduction of Rooms or Nights.
  • For a Reduction of Rooms or Nights - calculate the new/revised Stay as per the Travel Plan at; the new/revised Stay will be documented in your updated Booking Information Package. The difference in the Pay Now amount between the original Stay and the new/revised Stay is defined as the Post Confirmation Amendment in the Booking Information Package. The Post Confirmation Amendment is not refundable.

  • Late notice Reduction of Rooms or Nights or Cancellation at or within seven (7) days of the Arrive date (including non-arrival) will be charged an additional Late Cancellation Fee equal to one (1) night of the Pay Later amount. Click here to read in full

This is clearly stated and accepted by you in completing the Travel Plan Authorisation as shown in your Customer Console for the Travel Plan.

On the Travel Plan Screen:
I accept the Customer Terms and Conditions

Customer Terms and Conditions of booking Click here to read
Cancellation Policy Click here to read

If your Cancellation is a change of dates for the same number of nights/people (modification), a one off handling charge may apply.
Back to Top Additional Rooms or Nights Additional Rooms or Nights can be added to your Travel Plan, subject to availability.

Act early as additional rooms and/or days are often is short supply and cannot be guaranteed.

Terms and Conditions of Additional Rooms or Nights
A request for Additional Rooms or Nights is as if a new and separate booking request and as such is re-calculated in the same way as the existing Travel Plan:

Total Cost = Price x Number of Nights
Pay Now = Amount paid upon booking of the confirmed Preference
Pay Later = Balance (Total - Pay Now) paid at the Preference at check-in
Total Cost = Pay Now + Pay Later

Terms Explained
  • Number of Nights is defined by your Arrive and Depart dates per Stay on the Travel Plan.
  • Price for a Preference is quoted per room per night, including Monastery Room Rate and Monastery Stays Booking Fee.
  • Pay Now is Monastery Stays Booking Fee & Deposit if required by the Preference.
  • Pay Later is the balance (Total Cost - Pay Now) paid at the confirmed Preference at checkin.

We follow the same thorough processes in completing a request for Additional Rooms and/or Nights and provide clear guidance.

How to Apply for Additional Rooms or Nights:
Contact Monastery Stays via your Customer Console stating the Travel Plan ID, Stay and new requirements (room configuration and/or Arrive/Depart dates).

If the Additional Rooms and/or Nights are available:
  • Monastery Stays will make the modifications to your Travel Plan in your Customer Console, you will then be required to complete payment of the variance in the Pay Now component of the Total Cost between the existing Travel Plan and the revised Travel Plan.
  • You will be presented with a Travel Plan Authorisation Pay Now button in your Customer Console to complete the payment.
  • Once the additional Travel Plan Authorisation is complete you will have access to your revised Travel Plan.

If the request for Additional Rooms and/or Nights is not possible:
  • Your existing Travel Plan remains as per the Travel Plan Authorisation.
  • We will work with you to assist with options to meet your request for Additional Rooms and/or Nights where possible.

If your Cancellation is a change of dates for the same number of nights/people (modification), a one off handling charge may apply.
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