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To access your booking results and documentation, please use the username registered to your account and the required password to login to your Travel Agent Console.
To access your bookings, saved or submitted, please use the email registered to your booking and the Travel Plan ID (or Invoice Number) to login to My Plans.


Getting in touch with Monastery Stays
I have not heard from you If you do not hear from us after having submitted a Travel Plan, Contact Us or email enquiry, then the reason is there is probably an email blocking issue with your internet service provider (ISP). This is beyond our control and we need your help to re-open the lines of communication.

What you should expect:
We go to great lengths to personally respond to every email we receive, it is our service standard to do so within 1 business day, so if you don't hear from us, assume there was a problem in the transmission.

We do get messages returned to us that could not be delivered or encounter 'blocks' from highly sensitive email security, in other cases your email service provider may not send notification but still filter our message from your Inbox.

We have previously experienced issues with : '' , '' and ''.

We are continually enhancing our services and working with the complexities of internet communication standards. We can assure you that our emails are screened for the lowest possible SPAM rating and highest security.

In most cases everything runs smoothly, but if you do not hear from us - please ensure the domains '' and '' are on your 'safe-senders' or 'white-list' and then use the Contact Us form (above) to notify us. If you are able to provide an alternate email address, then please do - we will retry both.

We are a service focussed and ethical business, you are our customer, we work for you and always respond to your enquiries.
Back to Top Can I call you? We do not operate a call centre. Our customers are global and the monastery and convent guest houses are in their local timezones, please understand that such diverse timezones do not make it feasible to operate by telephone.

All bookings are handled by the easy to use Travel Plan booking system explained step by step from the Search screen (above) and supported by these FAQs. The Travel Plan and our online Contact Us systems ensure that your requirements are correctly recorded and authorised so that we can provide a quality service to you.

Our Contact Us customer service systems are monitored daily and we always respond within one business day. We are here to help and will not leave you wondering.

We do work with a global network of Travel Agents who are registered to book Monastery Stays at the same price and details shown on the website. So if you would prefer to use your local agent to integrate a Monastery Stay in your itinerary or you would just like a local 'helping-hand', then please introduce your local agent or use our Travel Agent Finder

If you have an enquiry not answered by the step by step booking help within the Search screen (above) or these FAQs, then please Contact Us - we are here to help.
Back to Top Email Confidentiality & Security Our emails are screened for the lowest possible SPAM rating and highest virus security. Our customer service procedures are thorough and ensure your confidentiality at all times.

This email has been sent from Monastery Stays ABN 79 497 849 837.
The information in this e-mail and in any attachments is confidential and may be privileged. It is for the intended recipient only. If you have received this communication in error, please advise us by clicking "reply", entering "wrong address" in the subject line, clicking "send" and then delete and destroy all copies immediately.

Although Monastery Stays Pty Ltd ABN 48 075 875 133 has taken steps to ensure that this e-mail and attachments are free from any virus, we advise that in keeping with good computing practice the recipient should ensure they are actually virus free.
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