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To access your booking results and documentation, please use the username registered to your account and the required password to login to your Travel Agent Console.
To access your bookings, saved or submitted, please use the email registered to your booking and the Travel Plan ID (or Invoice Number) to login to My Plans.


Are deposits required, how are they paid
Deposits required? Not always - it depends on the policy of the particular guest house. The Travel Plan system has each individual monastery or convent guest house's current requirement and uses this information when calculating the Pay Now component of the Total Cost.

Venues that do require a deposit calculate the deposit amount required in a variety of ways and there is no consistency. Some charge a fixed percentage (%), others charge for one nights stay, an alternative is to have a flat amount e.g. 50 euro. Our system has all these various requirements built in (deposit or no deposit) and uses this information when it is calculating the Pay Now component of the Total Cost payable at confirmation of a booking.

If a deposit is required it as a part of the Pay Now charge at confirmation and we transfer it to the guest house through our international banking systems and it is credited to your booking, in your name. The balance of the Total Cost is then the Pay Later component that you pay at the guest house.

Total Cost = Price x Number of Nights
Pay Now = Amount paid upon booking of the confirmed Preference
Pay Later = Balance (Total - Pay Now) paid at the Preference at check-in
Total Cost = Pay Now + Pay Later

Terms Explained
  • Number of Nights is defined by your Arrive and Depart dates per Stay on the Plan.
  • Price for a Preference is quoted per room per night, including Monastery Room Rate and Monastery Stays Booking Fee.
  • Pay Now is Monastery Stays Booking Fee & Deposit if required by the Preference.
  • Pay Later is the balance (Total Cost - Pay Now) paid at the confirmed Preference at checkin.

The Pay Now amount is shown on the Travel Plan screen when making your booking request and before you complete the Travel Plan Authorisation.

Every confirmed booking receives a Booking Information Package including a:

Receipt - which details the confirmed booking (Total Cost = Pay Now + Pay Later) as explained above, including any deposits paid as part of the Pay Now charge completed at confirmation.

Letter of Introduction - required for Checkin, it is bilingual for the understanding of both parties to the confirmed booking. It shows the Total Cost, the deposit if it was part of the Pay Now component of the Total Cost charged at confirmation and the Pay Later, balance payable at the accommodation.
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