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Can you tell me availability?
Can you tell me availability? Monastery and convent guest houses are a unique and wonderful accommodation experience, they operate with all the warmth of a long established hospitality tradition, but they are not part of global hotel chains - indeed, that is their appeal!

Many monastery and convent guest houses use traditional reservations systems - a diary and pencil - meaning that availability is collected by Monastery Stays and displayed to you through the Search tools at

Our skilled service team work for you. Our expertise, linguistics, relationship and understanding with each guest house ensures your booking is correctly managed from start to finish.

Venue Rooms Available Indicates Guest Houses that have currently listed availability.
Venue Subject to Availability Indicates Guest Houses that work with the request of your Travel Plan on a no booking, no charge, no risk basis. Select these guest houses in Preference order following the Booking Tip shown on the Travel Plan.

Keep these key points in mind when planning and we will be able to book your Monastery Stays more efficiently for you:
  • Monastery Stay customer service team works for you, with your Travel Plan - if your first Preference is not available for the Stay (dates and room(s) requested), we will work from Preference one, in the order you specify, until we confirm the first available Preference for that Stay.

  • If a Preference can not be confirmed for a Stay, we will come back to you via the in Travel Plan Message system to assist you and request further Preferences. The Pay Now Authorisation is held securely and not charged until a Preference is confirmed. If you did not wish to proceed with the specific Stay you can advise at such at that time and the Travel Plan Authorisation per unconfirmed Stay is returned to you. It is a no risk service to achieve a booking that meets your requirements - your Travel Plan.

  • Monastery Stays booking systems understand this unique accommodation and makes booking easy for you, our customer service team manages the many variables, through your Travel Plan, booking takes 1-3 business days.

  • Plan ahead for popular weeks (Easter), national holidays and months such as September when everybody in Europe goes on holiday as well - Book Now!
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